Available Winter 2017
Nuestra historia is an online Comprehensible Input (CI) and proficiency-based curriculum that aims to bring together the magic of storytelling with real-world tasks in order to cultivate both students' communicative ability and their intercultural understanding.

The interactive Voces platform contains tools to make it easy to engage students in the target language and manage your class. The curriculum is completely customizable using the Voces Editor. In the Voces Forum, teachers can connect to both students and other Voces teachers.

Each unit is based on a different AP® theme and focuses on two Spanish-speaking countries. These two "drivers" of the curriculum help guide storylines, authentic texts, communicative tasks, and cultural notes.

Nuestra historia provides an array of options for teachers at various levels of expertise. You can select which elements most appropriately meet the needs of individual students and teacher personalities in your unique school district. Our goal is to support teachers wherever they are on their journey in providing truly compelling, comprehensible input to increase students' proficiency levels.

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