Nuestra historia levels 1–4 take students from novice low to intermediate and beyond!
Beginning with the very first unit of level 1, students explore AP® subthemes as they relate to Spanish-speaking communities and cultures around the world. Everything in each unit—the stories, videos, and activities—is based on a select group of high-frequency structures, ensuring that each student is exposed to the structures multiple times.

Students enjoy hundreds of compelling stories across all four levels! Each story presents unique characters and interesting plots that explore cultural products, practices, and perspectives. All stories are narrated by native speakers and include a series of comprehension activities to assess understanding.

Profe LocO and Señor Jordan, two amazingly talented YouTube™ celebrities, have created original video series specifically for Nuestra historia. Your students will laugh as they learn with these entertaining CI videos featuring high-frequency vocabulary that aligns with the curriculum.

Choose between engaging students with Personalized Questions and Answers relating to their lives or wild and crazy Class Story Scripts—or use both! These pre-reading activities introduce students to the target structures and prepare them to read the stories that follow. Best of all, everything is planned out for you.

Communicative tasks in all three modes are woven throughout each unit. Students connect with authentic resources from the Spanish-speaking world, participate in interpersonal tasks using all four skills, and present real-world scenarios through writing and speaking tasks.

Integrated Performance Assessments (IPAs) at the end of each unit assess students on every mode in authentic scenarios, giving students the inspiration and confidence necessary to go to these countries and speak the language—with success!

Your CI Toolkit contains tons of CI resources in every unit across all four levels!

Artículos highlight global issues in a scaffolded series of comprehensible texts.

Panoramas with See, Think, and Wonder-style prompts inspire and broaden students’ perspectives.

Charla de pelis take a compelling video and combine it with comprehensible Spanish (and an energized teacher) to keep students engaged while acquiring language.

El mundo en fotos empower students to learn about cultural practices, products, and perspectives and then compare what they learn to their own culture.

Biografías delve into the lives of key figures from the Spanish-speaking world.

PechaKucha create simple, impromptu presentations using vibrant photographs from the target culture.

Entrevistas give students an opportunity to “meet” Spanish speakers from a variety of different countries. Students listen to their stories and experiences and get a better sense of the diversity in perspectives coming from around the Spanish-speaking world.

Voces® Special Features
  • Recording with playback and teacher-feedback ability across all devices
  • Interactive and customizable—edit any page, or create your own pages and share them with the Voces community.
  • Auto-Graded Activities
  • Rubrics
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Here is a breakdown of the AP® themes and subthemes covered in each unit by level:
Unit Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
1 Families and Communities: School Contemporary Life: Travel and Pastimes Beauty and Aesthetics: Visual Arts Personal and Public Identities: Personal Beliefs
2 Beauty and Aesthetics: Definitions of Beauty Families and Communities: Family Structures Family and Community: Human Geography Families and Communities: Global Citizenship
3 Contemporary Life: Entertainment and Fun Beauty and Aesthetics: Fashion and Design Science and Technology: Extreme Weather Conditions Contemporary Life: Way of Life
4 Science and Technology: Technology and Self Science and Technology: Healthcare and Medicine World Challenges: Food and Economy World Challenges: Social Consciousness
5 World Challenges: Population and Demographics Personal and Public Identities: Heroes and Historical Figures Contemporary Life: Education and Professional Careers Science and Technology: Discoveries and Inventions
6 Personal and Public Identities: National Identity and Ethnic Identity World Challenges: Social Well Being Personal and Public Identities: Alienation and Assimilation Beauty and Aesthetics: Language and Literature

Presentational Rubric — Word Doc
Interpersonal Rubric — Word Doc
4 Panel Blank Comic — PDF
6 Panel Blank Comic — PDF

Nuestra historia Level 1
Chapter 1 Alignment to ACTFL's World-Readiness Standards — PDF
Scope & Sequence — PDF
Can Dos by Unit — Word Doc

Nuestra historia Level 2
Chapter 1 Alignment to ACTFL's World-Readiness Standards — PDF
Scope & Sequence — PDF
Can Dos by Unit — Word Doc

Nuestra historia Level 3
Scope & Sequence — PDF

Nuestra historia Level 4
Scope & Sequence — PDF

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