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Choose one or more topics from the list we provide and get targeted instruction on those topics! These sessions are ideal for those who have an active, paid subscription to Voces and have specific questions about how to use the materials and tools. Complete this form to choose the topics and schedule a time, and we’ll be in touch with confirmation soon after! Here are some of the topics you can get training on:
  • Instructional Overview
  • Creating classes/Adding students
  • Assigning
  • Grading
  • Editing
  • Platform Features and Settings (like the Game Center, Account Settings, etc.)

Paid Virtual Training

Do you need more insight on how to implement the “Our Story” curricula? Are you and your department looking for training on Comprehensible Input (CI) techniques? Are you looking to bolster your understanding of the science behind CI and Acquisition-Driven Instruction (ADI)? These virtual training options offer guidance and support on all of the above.

Look over the virtual training options below and then call or email us to schedule! You can also contact us for information on in-person training options.

Cost: $500 + $100/participating teacher
Average Run Time: 3 hours

We offer three versions of this session, based on the groups' overall experience and familiarity with CI/ADI. Participants will be expected to complete a survey prior to participating in the presentation. The results of this survey will be used to determine the version we provide.

In this session, deep dive into the what, why, and how of Comprehensible Input and Acquisition-Driven Instruction. First, we focus on the science behind CI and ADI and how understanding the connections between our brains and second-language acquisition can help us teach more effectively. Then, we'll unpack specific tools in the “Our Story” curriculum, like TPR, story scripts, PQAs, and the stories themselves, and talk about how you can use those materials to produce Comprehensible Input and provide Acquisition-Driven Instruction. This session will include explanation and demonstration, as well as opportunities for teachers to try the techniques for themselves in small groups (using breakout rooms).

Cost: $300
Average Run Time: 1 hour

Choose one topic from the list and enjoy a targeted one-hour training session on that topic, using examples from “Our Story.”
  • A Story from Beginning to End: Get a breakdown of techniques you can do before, during, and after a story. This overview will use a story from the level, language, and “Our Story” title you choose.
  • Talking with Students: Learn key techniques for getting students talking and listening in the target language while staying comprehensible. We’ll touch on using the PQA scripts and ready-made activities in “Our Story,” as well as approaches you can use anytime when talking with students.
  • How to Teach a Novel: Get a breakdown of techniques you can do before, during, and after reading a novel with a class. This overview will use a novel from the level and language you choose.
  • Using Videos and Images in the Classroom: Videos and images are powerful tools if you know how to use them, and there are many videos and images within “Our Story” - from the Netflix series Go! Vive a tu manera to the interview-style videos to the country-specific photos at the beginning of each unit. In this one-hour session, we’ll discuss best practices for using videos and images to provide compelling, comprehensible input to your students.
  • Finding Success with Authentic Communicative Tasks and Integrated Performance Assessments (IPAs): The authentic tasks and IPAs in “Our Story” stand out as challenging, real-world scenarios that call upon students’ creativity and fluency, not just with the language but with the cultures about which they are learning. This session will show you how to utilize the authentic communicative tasks within every unit to prepare students for the IPA and will also touch on best practices when administering an IPA.

Cost: $1000 base fee + $100/participating teacher
Average Run Time: 3 hours

We will meet with you for up to an hour before the training to determine what specific topics to cover, pertaining to what languages and levels. From there, we’ll create a customized session. Please note that the group lead will be expected to complete a survey before scheduling to help us narrow down what topics to cover. If we aren’t equipped to provide the training for those topics or believe those topics won’t require this intensive type of training, we’ll inform you then, prior to payment or any additional investment of time.

*For in-person training options and pricing, contact us at 1-800-848-0256 or [email protected].

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