Technical Information

Windows, OSX, iOS and Android Operating Systems Supported

Works on the following web browsers:
Google Chrome 25+ Recommended
Mozilla Firefox 20+ Recommended
Internet Explorer 10+
Safari 5+

Has been tested on the following devices:
iPad & iPhone
Amazon Kindle Fire
Samsung Galaxy
Kuno Tablet
Smart Refrigerators w/ Web Browsers (Why is this a thing?)
If you have a device you want us to test Voces® on, email us at

Recording Exercises:
One of the newest features is the ability for students to record their own audio. For this, please make sure that you have a microphone and that your web browser is allowed to access it. If you have any questions or issues, please email for assistance.

On iPad: This audio recording requires use of your device's camera. We do not save the video, only the audio. To record, click on the "Choose File" button. From the given options, select "Take Photo or Video" and your camera will open. Switch the mode to video and press record. When finished, press stop and "Use Video" in the bottom corner. Once all audio has been recorded click on the "Upload" button.

For questions about your Voces® order, or for help using Voces:
call us at 800-848-0256 (8am-5pm ET M-F)
email us at

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