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Our Staff

Kris Warshefski

Kris has been the lead programmer for Voces Digital since 2010 when Skip McWilliams, the owner of Teacher's Discovery, dropped an Exploratory Spanish textbook on his desk and asked him to "put this online." More than a traditional programmer, Kris does not just build the tools in Voces: He works closely with teachers and students to find out what tools they really need to improve the World Language classroom.

Erin Almeranti

As the lead content developer, Erin works closely with language teachers, native speakers, and other creative people around the world to develop the Voces curricula. When not working on content development, you may find her at a conference or talking with a teacher who uses Voces. With a background in English, creative writing, and cultural anthropology, as well as experience teaching at all levels, Erin is able to orchestrate projects, connect people, and communicate clearly to achieve new, cool things.

Kelsey Lewandowski

Kelsey is our Customer Experience Expert. She is the voice you'll usually hear when you call and she is always happy to help educate, troubleshoot, or brainstorm new ways to use Voces in your classroom. Kelsey has worked in customer service for nearly 10 years and loves connecting with teachers to make school better!

David Wilson

David is a Customer Experience Expert. He helps with answering phones and troubleshooting any issues. David has worked both in and out of the classroom, and is happy to ensure you get the tools and support you need to keep your class running smoothly with Voces.

Valentina Ciuffreda

A self-made polyglot, Valentina's passion for language and culture perfectly align with her role as Curriculum Manager. After spending years living and studying abroad, Valentina is committed to providing engaging cultural material and loves working with individuals from around the world to create new textbooks and content for Voces. Even when she's not busy translating, managing, or developing content, she's constantly surrounded and consumed by her love for foreign language.

Kayla Cousineau

Kayla Cousineau is a high school Spanish teacher and assistant curriculum developer for Voces. She uses a mixture of traditional teaching methods and Comprehensible Input strategies, and is constantly working to revamp and improve her courses to make them hands on, communicative, and engaging for her students. She loves fostering breakthrough moments for her students, whether they be communicative, discovering a new world through cultural study, or just becoming comfortable with those around them. When she’s not working, she enjoys spending time with her family, travelling, and listening to music.

Heather Garrett

Heather Garrett is an assistant Customer Experience Expert. She helps answer calls and process subscriptions. Heather enjoys speaking to teachers and students from across the country, and will help lead you in the right direction when questions arise. Heather has worked in customer service for nearly 10 years, and loves connecting with language teachers in her role at Voces!

Voces Digital is the new standard in web-based World Language curriculum.

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