The Voces Back-to-School Workshop is a free three-day online event that will help you in your preparation for the new school year! The Voces team will be showcasing titles from all languages and levels and sharing tips and tricks for teaching culture, using readers, incorporating videos, playing games, teaching with CI, and so much more! Every day will include fun and informative sessions that will be helpful and relevant to those new to Voces, those considering Voces, and those who have been using Voces for years. Everyone is welcome!

And, remember, it is free to attend!

All attendees will receive a participation certificate after the conference.

Daily Schedule

*All times are Eastern Time
Tuesday, July 30
Block 1 - The Voces Library
9:00 am Overview: A welcome and an introduction to the Voces Library Erin Almeranti
After the Overview, we will break off into “mini” sessions, each on a different series or segment of the Voces Library. In each “mini” session, you’ll learn the basics of that series or segment, including the ideal ages, grades, and proficiency levels, along with key elements within that series or segment and the Curriculum Manager’s favorite resources.
These “mini” sessions will happen simultaneously in different Zoom rooms. We will notify you in the morning about which sessions will be in which Zoom rooms.
9:20 am Voix du monde 1 et 2 Melisa Ferguson
Nuestra historia 1-4 Justin Slocum Bailey
Nostro mondo 1-4 Valentina Ciuffreda
9:40 am Nuestra historia: Puentes Melisa Ferguson
Notre histoire 1-4 Justin Slocum Bailey
10:00 am Voces por el mundo 1-3 Hannah Meinecke
Unsere Geschichten 1-4 Valentina Ciuffreda
10:20 am EFL/ESL Hannah Meinecke
Nuestra historia: Primaria 1 y 2 Erica Peplinski-Burge
Nuestra historia / Notre histoire AP Erin Almeranti
Block 2 - The Fundamentals
11:00 am Ways to Teach a Story Erica Peplinski-Burge & Justin Slocum Bailey
11:35 am Best Practices for Using the Authentic Communicative Tasks and IPAs Justin Slocum Bailey & Hannah Meinecke
12:10 pm How to Teach Culture Using Voces JJ Morgan & Melisa Ferguson
Q&A, Reflect, Raffle
1:00 pm Answer questions from the day’s sessions, reflect on what we learned, and raffle off fun prizes Everyone

Wednesday, July 31
Block 1 - Enrichment
9:00 am Teaching a Novel Bryan Kandel
Voces Videos - Spanish Playground Hannah Meinecke
9:30 am Voces Videos - Using Go! Vive a tu manera Justin Slocum Bailey
Voces Videos - Using Mr Innes and Voici la France en images ! Melisa Ferguson
10:00 am Voces Videos - Using Interview Videos Erica Peplinski-Burge
Games and the GameCenter Erin Almeranti & Kris Warshefski
10:30 am Maximizing Music JJ Morgan
FAQs Related to Assigning and Grading Kelsey Rankin
Block 2 - Putting It Into Practice
11:00 am Implementing the "Our Story" Series Successfully Erica Peplinski-Burge, Justin Slocum Bailey, & Eric Richards
Best Practices for Teaching with the Voices of the World Series Melisa Fergson and Hannah Meinecke
Q&A, Reflect, Raffle
1:00 pm Answer questions from the day’s sessions, reflect on what we learned, and raffle off fun prizes Everyone

Thursday, August 1
Block 1 - Leveraging the Curriculum and Platform for Your Unique Needs
9:00 am Basics of the Editor David Wilson & Hannah Meinecke
9:20 am Teaching Upper Levels and Heritage Speakers Justin Slocum Bailey
9:40 am Voces Accessibility Features and Supporting Students with IEPs Kris Warshefski & Erin Almeranti
10:00 am Supporting Elementary-Aged Students Erica Peplinski-Burge
10:20 am Tips for Introducing Students to Voces and CI Erin Almeranti
Block 2 - Supporting Yourself, Your Students, and Your Department
11:00 am Teachers’ Brain Health and Wellness Justin Slocum Bailey & Lorena Ojeda
11:35 am Students’ Brain Health and Wellness Erica Peplinski-Burge & JJ Morgan
12:10 pm Maintaining and Growing Your World Language Department Bryan Kandel
Q&A, Reflect, Raffle
1:00 pm Answer questions from the day’s sessions, reflect on what we learned, and raffle off fun prizes Everyone

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