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This round of updates is just about complete with two major changes.

Assignment Tool Update
Click here to see a video walking through the assignment tool changes.
Folders - Organize your assignments into folders for better control and easier access.
Assignments in Order - Within folders, require students to complete assignments in the specificed order.
Bulk Edits - Make changes to all of the assignments in a folder at once.
Class Filters - Easily toggle visible classes on and off in both list and calendar views.
Warning Counts - Add flexibility to the no-leave warnings by increasing the numbers of warnings a students receives.
Flexible Percentages - Adjust the required percentage on an assignment.
Clear on Retake - Students will start with a blank page when attempting the assignment a second time.
Interface Improvements - Cleaner buttons and clearer steps to make the assignment wizard flow better.

Database Updates
Encoding Changes - Voces text fields are now able to support emojis. (I never thought I would type that sentence...)
Encryption Changes - To better align to new state privacy standards we have added additional layers of encryption to our databases.

Voces Digital is the new standard in web-based World Language curriculum.

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