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Join us on July 29 for a full day of workshops! Get insight into how Voces supports blended and remote learning. Learn how to assign, manage, and grade student work. Discover the flexibility of the Voces editor and find out how to share your custom pages with other Voces subscribers, including your colleagues!
All workshops are free to paid subscribers to Voces. Email [email protected]

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Wednesday, July 29th
10:00 AM Overview of the Voces Library
Erin Almeranti
Learn about all of the Voces titles, from Spanish Novice and Intermediate and French 1 and 2 to Nuestra historia and Notre histoire. We'll also look at our ESL titles. Get a solid understanding of the offerings in the Voces Library!
11:00 AM All About Assigning, Managing, and Grading Student Work
Kelsey Lewandowski
Discover the control and options these important Voces tools offer. Learn about the many different parameters you can give to an assignment, how to efficiently manage those assignments (even with a large class/many classes), and how to give students the feedback they need while saving your sanity.
12:00 PM LMS Mini-Workshop
Kris Warshefski
See how easy it is to link Google Classroom, Canvas, or Schoology to Voces so that you can easily sync classes, students, assignments, and grades.
12:30 PM Open Q&A An open Q&A with the Voces Team.
1:00 PM All About Editing, Creating, and Sharing
Erin Almeranti
Learn about the Voces editor, including the Quick Edit tool, and find out how to build your own activities and content anywhere in Voces. You will also learn how to share content and collaborate with colleagues and other Voces users.
2:30 PM Using Zoom for Remote Learning
Charles Verhey
By now most of you have used Zoom. You’re using it right now to participate in our webinars! But did you know there’s more hidden behind the scenes? Features you have with your account right now that you might not even realize are available to you? In this webinar, I'm going to show you some of these hidden settings to help make the experience for you and your students more engaging and easier to use.

Learn how to get your students to RSVP for class, how to email reminders to your students prior to the meeting, how to get your students to "raise their hand", how to use break-out rooms and nonverbal feedback, how to protect your classroom against unwanted visitors, how to take attendance, the difference between a "webinar" and a "meeting", and tips on how to manage both small and large groups of attendees.

It may seem like a lot, but I'll lead you one step at a time, and we'll spend a few minutes at the end of a Q&A. By the end, you'll have a much better understanding of all the tools available to you through Zoom.
3:30 PM How to Approach This School Year’s Unknowns and Uncertainties Q&A-led discussion on how Voces supports blended learning and can help you feel more confident going into this new school year.

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