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Voces is hosting its second-ever virtual conference! This conference will focus on a season of breakthroughs, because what a season of breakthroughs it has been—for you, for us, for the world!

As educators and front-line workers, you have reached new heights, reached more students, and found new and creative ways to teach. This conference is about honoring those breakthroughs and supporting you as you search for more.

March 1-12, All Virtual
$50.00 Registration Fee ~ Free to All Voces Subscribers

The Voces Spring Conference is unique in that we want everyone to have a reason to attend and be able to attend! With that in mind…
  • The conference is free to anyone with a current Voces subscription.
  • If you don't have a subscription, registration is $50.00. However, if you pay the registration fee and subscribe to Voces either during or after the conference, we will refund your registration fee in full.
  • All sessions will be recorded and available to registrants afterwards, forever.
  • There will be raffles and trivia with prizes for those who attend in person!
  • There will be sessions benefiting all Voces titles and series, and sessions benefiting language teachers, even if you don't use Voces.
  • Sessions will be held on weekday evenings and the weekend, spanning March 1-12.
Yes, we understand: You have lives, you have jobs, and you have an interest in professional development, and you shouldn't have to choose!

Our presenters are a diverse group of educators, some of whom are familiar faces and some of whom may be new, and all of whom have something to share about Voces, about language teaching, and about being our best. Learn more about our presenters here.

The schedule is still taking shape, but here's a peek at what we have in store:
(*All times are Eastern Time)
Monday, March 1
6:00pm ET A Season of Breakthroughs
Presenter: Erin Almeranti
In this opening session, we reflect on the year behind us, the challenges we've had, and the breakthroughs we've made!
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7:00pm ET Let Our Story Help Your Students Find Success in 2021
Presenter: Gary DiBianca
How will students fare when we're back in the classroom? In language classes, by accepting students' proficiency levels and working to support language acquisition, we can ease students' re-entry. Let Nuestra historia/Notre histoire/Nostra storia—story-based, pre-AP® curricula—be your guide. These online curricula support students with meaningful Comprehensible Input, and allow teachers to scaffold lessons, building each student's proficiency level in a just and equitable way for a brighter future.
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Tuesday, March 2
6:00pm ET Welcome to Voces! A Beginner's Guide and Review
Presenter: David Wilson
Join David for an overview of the many features and tools we offer! He will cover how to navigate through Voces, set up your classes, assign and grade pages, use an LMS link, and customize your title. This session will cover everything you need to know to get started using Voces in your class, and introduce some of the tools explored in our other discussions.
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7:00pm ET Student View Basics: From Setup to Troubleshooting
Presenter: David Wilson
Learn how to get your students started and using Voces effectively. We will set up temporary student accounts to explore the differences between a teacher's account and a student's account. We will also see and solve some common student issues so that you can keep Voces running smoothly in your classroom.
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Wednesday, March 3
6:00pm ET All About Editing, Creating, and Sharing
Presenter: Erin Almeranti
Learn about the Voces editor, including the Quick Edit tool, and find out how to build your own activities and content anywhere in Voces. You will also learn how to share content and collaborate with colleagues and other Voces users.
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7:00pm ET All About Assigning
Presenter: Kelsey Lewandowski
In this session, you'll learn everything there is to know about assigning work to your students. A live demonstration will include how to assign work to full classes or specific students. You'll also see how to use the assignment parameters to make your assignments more or less formal. Kelsey will also cover folders, differentiation tools, and the student view for new assignments.
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Thursday, March 4
6:00pm ET Story Script 101
Presenter: Anna Porto
Starting to create "Class Stories" with your class? Looking for an effective way to provide comprehensible input? Trying to engage students in a compelling way? Before you begin, here are some tips for having a great Comprehensible Input (CI) class story that your students will love. This presentation is for teachers that are starting their adventure with CI and storytelling.
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7:00pm ET Before We Read
Presenter: Bryan Kandel
Stories, articles, and other texts make up much of the Voces Digital curriculum. Most teachers agree that reading is essential to proficiency growth. However, reading can be a challenge in a world language class, especially with difficult texts. What we do before we read a text can make the experience much more enjoyable and effective. In this session, we'll explore strategies for preparing students to read. We will look at techniques for internalizing key vocabulary, reducing intimidation, and increasing comprehension.
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Friday, March 5
4:00pm ET Virtual Happy Hour with Voces Developers
Join Kris and Erin for conversation, games (with prizes!), and demonstrations. Our weekly virtual happy hours have been important to many teachers throughout the pandemic, and we'd love to see new faces and share the positive energy with you!
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5:00pm ET Using Schoology: I didn’t know you could do that!
Presenter: Michelle Bloom-Scheff
There are many sweet features included in Schoology that a lot of teachers aren’t familiar with. During this session, we will cover some topics such as:
  • Creating groups for grading and discussions.
  • Assigning quizzes to individual students or groups of students.
  • Ways of organizing your materials and sharing it with other teachers.
  • Ideas for grade setup, including narrative comments in the place of number grades.
  • Ways to view grades and make edits as necessary, including bulk editing.
  • Creating your own grade scales and rubrics.
  • Printing/creating PDFs of grade reports to give to students/send to families.
  • A few non-traditional types of assignments/quizzes that you can make within Schoology.

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6:00pm ET Building Classroom Culture with Questions
Presenter: Señor Jordan/Jeremy Jordan
Join YouTube's Señor Jordan as he discusses how to build a classroom culture where students feel valued. By incorporating Personalized Questions and Answers (PQA), teachers can tailor conversation to students and their lives so they actually can become part of your curriculum. Examples will be in English or Spanish but could be applicable to any language.
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Saturday, March 6
9:00am ET Cooking Virtually in the World Language Classroom
Presenter: Dan Kraiza
Turn your remote classroom into a live cooking show! Learn how to engage both student and teacher by incorporating the 5 C's into a lesson on culture by demonstrating how to cook a dish from your TL culture. Bring your appetite, plan your culinary adventure, and cook along with us.
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10:00am ET All About Authentic Materials
Presenter: Stacia Ford
We know that our students need a lot of practice so that they will be able to read and listen to authentic materials in the target language and understand them. However, selecting readings and videos matching their skill level can be difficult. Voces Novice has the work done for you with lots of authentic materials, but if your students need more practice, how can you find level-appropriate authentic materials and create meaningful activities to scaffold their understanding? Come to this webinar to build your own activities around an authentic reading or video that you have already chosen.
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11:00am ET Teaching Grammar with Voces
Presenter: Kayla Cousineau
This session will provide guidance for teachers who aren't quite sure where to start or how to approach teaching grammar, particularly at the novice level. It will provide ideas for direct instruction, as well as student engagement through easy-to-adapt games, websites, and apps.
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12:00pm ET Input and Interaction: Quality Content and Questioning
Presenter: Profe Loco/Kyle Carr
Virtually all second language acquisition researchers agree that input is essential for acquiring language. In this presentation, I will focus on techniques for providing quality input (content), but a greater focus will be on interaction. How do we make sure that the content we provide is actually engaged with? That is where interaction comes in. For students to interact with input, we need some solid questioning techniques with our content and stories that we provide through input.
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1:00pm ET Student Exploration of Products, Practices, and Perspectives
Presenter: Gayla Martens
Create opportunities linked in Voces for students to explore a country-specific product. Encourage students to discuss the practice and perspective of that particular product, as well as comparing and contrasting their findings to their own culture.
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2:00pm ET Communicative Tasks and IPAs
Presenter: Darah Harper
Communicative Tasks and IPAs: what are they, how can you incorporate them into your curriculum and use them effectively to assess your students. This workshop will take a look at the myriad of both Communicative Tasks and IPAs already embedded in the Voces books. Special focus will be on the Notre histoire, but the ideas will apply to all Voces texts. In addition to the Voces resources, we will look at how to set your students up for success through pre-assessment, scaffolding, and preparation.
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3:00pm ET Making Life a Little Less Crazy: Tips and Tricks for Teaching in These Crazy Times
Presenter: Michelle Bloom-Scheff
Are you looking for some life hacks to make teaching less stressful while helping your students be successful? In this session, learn some of the strategies Michelle uses with Voces as well as some things that will just make teaching smoother in general. She will discuss remote learning vs. teaching in the classroom, organizational techniques, setting priorities, and how to take it all in stride.
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4:00pm ET Picture this! Bringing stories to life with pictures!
Presenter: Sandy Lewis
Stories are always better with pictures, and pictures help the Voces stories pop of the page! From drawing programs to the internet, Sandy will show some different ways to acquire pictures for the stories, and then show different ways to incorporate pictures into everything Voces!
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Sunday, March 7
2:00pm ET Ideas for Assessments
Presenter: Allynn Lodge
This workshop explores different approaches to assessing students. We will briefly look at the assessment opportunities that are already built into the book, and explore how to create original assignments that are inspired by the book's content. The session will also touch on what types of assignments teachers collect for a grade, how grade books can be configured, and how to use and adapt rubrics.
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3:00pm ET How CI Teaches Intercultural Competence
Presenter: Rachel Emery
Intercultural Competence is, in part, the ability to navigate cross-cultural experiences. Learn how you are already teaching these intercultural skills in your CI classroom, and how to address them more deliberately in the future.
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4:00pm ET All Together (and) Different
Presenter: Bryan Kandel
As world language teachers, we are often faced with classes that are filled with students at varying proficiency levels. They may come from different backgrounds, classes, or learning situations (face to face, remote, hybrid). Now more than ever, we must find a way to provide opportunities for growth to students who are not starting on the same page. Is it possible? How do we do it? In this session, we'll explore strategies for using Voces materials and other strategies to handle this challenge.
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5:00pm ET What's So Super About Súper Lápiz?
Presenter: Señor Jordan/Jeremy Jordan
Learn how to soar with your students while using the Súper Lápiz level 1 series. This session will include ideas for personalization, discussion, and tips and tricks to get even more out of the episodes while having a SUPER time.
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6:00pm ET To the Community and Beyond!
Presenter: Nicole Hartung
In this session, we will explore ways to utilize the "In my community" component in Nuestra historia, Notre histoire, and Nostra storia to cultivate connections with the community and the globalized world. How can the community challenges found in each unit spark student interest, and engage them in meaningful work and impactful projects?
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Monday, March 8
6:00pm ET Grading Assignments with Voces
Presenter: Kelsey Lewandowski
Join us for a detailed look at the Grading and Results portal in Voces. Kelsey will show you how to adjust auto-graded activities, manage teacher-graded assignments, and generate grade reports. We'll also take a look at how to leave feedback, and how students view that feedback.
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7:00pm ET Let's Chat: Simple Ways for Your Class to Get to Know Each Other
Presenter: Eric Richards
In this session, you will learn simple (and quick) ways to engage your students in the target language in a way that they (and you!) get to know each other. As your class gets acquainted with one another, a classroom culture of respect and understanding naturally comes about. These activities are flexible. They can be used as warm-ups or implemented at any time during instruction. They can also be tailored to fit any topic or unit or simply used as a way to "chat" and get to know each other better and build a better atmosphere in the classroom.
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Tuesday, March 9
6:00pm ET Pear Deck with PQA
Presenter: Kara Jacobs
Before delving into a story, a chapter, or a novel, PQA (Personalized Questions and Answers) are so important, engaging, and personalized. But how do you get all students to answer questions? Pear Deck! This tech tool can be used when teaching remotely, hybrid, and/or good old-fashioned face-to-face teaching. This session will share how to use PQA and Pear Deck. Participants will act as students to fully understand how to use PQA with Pear Deck.
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7:00pm ET Let's Play
Presenter: Bryan Kandel
Games are a great way to provide input to students, review key components of class, and increase class engagement. In this session, we’ll explore, demonstrate, and play some games that work well in language classes. We’ll also discuss how to most effectively use games and maintain student engagement. We will use units from Voces as examples, but most of the games can be applied to any situation.
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Wednesday, March 10
6:00pm ET Voces and the Sustainable Development Goals: Together They Will Rock Your World
Presenter: Karen Clarke
Inspire your students as global learners. Empower them as global citizens. Discover how to deepen learning and intercultural awareness through student-driven storytelling and inquiry-action projects that use the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals as a lens for interpreting the wide variety of cultural, geographic, and environmental texts in all Voces titles.
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7:00pm ET Simplify Your Teaching
Presenter: Allynn Lodge
This workshop is geared toward the overworked teacher who is trying to balance the demands of the school year and still have a life. This session will provide an overarching framework for lesson planning and will feature some no-prep and low-prep ideas and activities that teachers can begin implementing immediately. An opportunity will also be given for attendees to connect and share ideas with one another during a breakout session.
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Thursday, March 11
6:00pm ET The Balancing Act
Presenter: Lauren Sharon
In this year of quarantines, high rates of absenteeism, and virtual students, teachers are faced with the challenge of teaching all students well while not losing their minds! Join Lauren Sharon in an honest discussion on how to juggle virtual and in-person students without giving up on your health and personal life.
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7:00pm ET Lesson Planning with Voces
Presenter: Ivana Farina
Join Ivana for an overview of how to build a lesson around the stories on Voces. Learn how to integrate Movie Talk to facilitate speaking, Blooket to learn vocabulary, and GoFormative as a tool for assessments during remote and hybrid teaching. Ivana will present a lesson inspired by a story in Notre histoire 2.
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Friday, March 12
4:00pm ET Virtual Happy Hour with Voces Developers Conclude the Voces Conference by joining Kris, Erin, and many Voces teacher "regulars" for games, prizes, and music during our virtual happy hour. Come to ask questions, enjoy conversations, play games (and win prizes!), and—best of all—relax after an intense week. Our weekly virtual happy hours have been important to many teachers throughout the pandemic, and we'd love to see new faces and share the positive energy with you!
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About the Presenters

Gary DiBianca

Gary DiBianca is a Spanish teacher, presenter, world language consultant and coach, and AP® reader. He has presented nationally and regionally on acquisition and brain-based strategies in the world language classroom, big picture planning, unit design, pre-AP® vertical alignment, the 21st Century World Language Standards, the inclusion of topics of diversity in the curriculum, and teaching with TPRS (Teaching Proficiency through Storytelling) and Comprehensible Input. As a world language coach, he works with teachers at the iFLT conference and as the co-coordinator for coaching at the NTPRS conference. Gary made many contributions to Nuestra historia: Aprender y preparar and is working on including instructional strategies for Nuestra historia: Level 1 and 2.

Nicole Hartung

Nicole Hartung teaches middle school Spanish at Winchester Thurston School, an independent school in Pittsburgh, PA. She has worked with children of all ages since 1995 in both academic and faith-based settings. Nicole has taught Spanish levels pre-K through high school. She is an alum of the University of Pittsburgh, and studied abroad in Seville, Spain, when pesetas were still the currency. Nicole built a pen pal program for her students and students in Cuenca, Ecuador. She strives to inspire life-long learning in her students through meaningful work and global connections. Nicole has published the CI Spanish reader Sebas en el patio.

Kara Jacobs

Kara Jacobs has been teaching Spanish since the late 1990s. During that time, she has changed her teaching style tremendously. As Kara explained, "I started out as a 'traditional textbook, grammar notes, vocabulary lists-using' kind of teacher and have now fully transitioned to being a 'CI, TPRS, stories, cultural content, proficiency focused, authentic resources-using' kind of teacher—and am LOVING the results!" Kara contributed to Nuestra historia 3, 4, and Aprender y preparar. Learn more about Kara and see her work at:

Señor Jordan

Jeremy Jordan (a.k.a. Señor Jordan) is a Spanish teacher, a YouTube™ personality, and an author of TPRS novels. Jeremy has dedicated himself to the TPRS method and Comprehensible Input strategies for nearly a decade.

Bryan Kandel

Bryan Kandel teaches high school Spanish in Canton, Ohio. He presents professional development workshops on Comprehensible Input techniques, the importance of strong classroom culture, successful world language AP® courses, reading strategies, and many other topics. He has published many CI Spanish readers, including Bella durmiente, Perdidos en la traducción, El carterista de Pamplona, Bajo el agua, Los sobrevivientes, and La novia perfecta. He has seen the power of input as a method to improve proficiency, and constantly aims to increase engagement with his students. He is the author of the stories in Nuestra historia 3, 4, and Aprender y preparar, and currently uses Nuestra historia with his classes.

Allynn Lodge

Allynn Lodge is a foreign language teacher who is passionate about how both language and art can help forge connections and mutual understanding between cultures. She holds an M.Ed. in Art in Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and a BA in Spanish Languages and Cultures from Princeton University. She is the recipient of a Fulbright Fellowship to Madrid, Spain, and was recently selected by the National Association of Independent Schools as a Teacher of the Future for her innovation and creativity in the classroom.

Eric Richards

Eric Richards is a high school German teacher, author, and presenter. Eric is a 2021 ACTFL Teacher of Year Finalist and he is the author of a series TPRS/Comprehensible Input books and other readers for the world language classroom. He also authored Grafted Writing, which is designed to help educators facilitate language acquisition through reading and writing. Eric presents on various topics in foreign language methodology and strategies at national and regional conferences around the United States. He transformed a small German program into a large, successful, growing, and vibrant program, where his students also enjoy opportunities to travel abroad.

Karen Clarke

Karen Clarke is a Spanish teacher and part of Diversity and School Culture and Climate leadership. She has a MAT Biological Sciences, MA English, and Certificate on Education for Sustainable Development.

Gayla Martens

Gayla Martens teaches Spanish via telecommunication technology. Using the Digital Dakota Network (DDN), she interacts with her high school language students throughout South Dakota from a studio housed on the campus of Northern State University in Aberdeen, SD. Her teaching experience includes face-to-face instruction in parochial and public schools, as well as live interactive video communications, blended learning, and asynchronous instruction at the high school and collegiate levels. She received the South Dakota World Language Teacher of the Year in 2010. From 2011-2016, she helped organize CultureFest, an event partnering the city of Aberdeen, NSU, and South Dakota high school language students.

Anna Porto

Anna Porto is a high school Italian teacher in Connecticut. She has a MA in Education and MA in Instructional Technology. She grew up in the former Czechoslovakia, speaking Czech and Slovak, and learned Italian in a bilingual high school. She mastered English while watching American movies. After freelancing as a language instructor in Europe, she moved to the U.S. in 2003 and, a few years later, started her dream career as a teacher. She has been teaching Italian in a public urban high school for the last 10 years, and she is mastering Spanish conversational skills with her students in the hallways.

Lauren Sharon

Lauren Sharon is a Spanish teacher at Farragut High School in Knoxville, Tennessee. She has taught for the past 16 years in both public and private schools. She also has four children between the ages of two and nine. She is passionate about helping herself and others work toward a work-life balance that they can be proud of.

Michelle Bloom-Scheff

Michelle Bloom-Scheff has been teaching middle-school students in Newton, Massachusetts for almost 20 years. Before moving to Massachusetts, Michelle taught in Maine and Chicago, in pre-K through 8th grade, as well as at the university. Since focusing on storytelling, she has been astounded by the gains students make. She is committed to helping students learn to communicate in the target language, enjoys learning and using new technologies. She’s been using Schoology as her LMS for many years and is interested in making life a little less crazy for everyone. She has studied 11 languages other than English (so far!), and is thinking about starting to learn another one. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, knitting in front of the fire, and finding typos in the New York Times.

Sandy Lewis

Sandy is a French teacher in Massachusetts. Her teaching career has taken her from NJ to Calgary, Canada, and from Immersion to MS and HS French and Spanish. Sandy has used many techniques in her teaching, from the vintage ALM French texts to the newer IPAs. Sandy has embraced the CI method, and uses Voces from grade 6-8 in French.

Dan Kraiza

Dan Kraiza teaches French and Student Leadership in Oak Park, Michigan, where he has been for almost 20 years. He did not take the traditional educational journey, rather he joined the Peace Corps in Senegal after undergrad at Michigan State University. Speaking French and travel inspired Dan to get into teaching, and he completed his teacher education at Wayne State University in Detroit. He shares his love of language and travel by taking his students on service learning trips to developing countries. Besides teaching and travel, Dan shares a passion for his family, cooking and gardening.

Profe Loco/Kyle Carr

Kyle Carr teaches Spanish and coaches football and wrestling in Hailey, ID. He's a person who likes to challenge the status quo with one simple question: Why? Why do that? Why teach that way? As Kyle said, "I try to teach Spanish in a way that is engaging and interesting. I try to focus less on "school" type stuff, like assessments, homework and hardcore discipline, because... why? I think the things I've learned well in this life are the things that I enjoyed learning, and had genuine curiosity for. So, I try to loosen up a bit and get kids interested in a life-long Spanish learning experience".

Rachel Emery

Rachel Emery is a 5th- and 6th-grade Spanish teacher in Winnetka, IL. She loves learning from the wonderful community of TPRS/CI teachers and watching students grow. Rachel contributed to Nuestra historia 3 and 4, and is the author of the level 1 reader, La madre perfecta.

Kayla Cousineau

Kayla Cousineau is a high school Spanish teacher and assistant curriculum developer for Voces. She uses a mixture of traditional teaching methods and Comprehensible Input strategies, and is constantly working to revamp and improve her courses to make them hands on, communicative, and engaging for her students. She loves fostering breakthrough moments for her students, whether they be communicative, discovering a new world through cultural study, or just becoming comfortable with those around them. When she’s not working, she enjoys spending time with her family, travelling, and listening to music.

Ivana Farina

Ivana Farina is a world language teacher educated in Italy, France, and England. She currently teaches middle school French and elementary Global Studies at Rippowan Cisqua School, an independent PreK-9 school in Bedford, NY. Since 1999, Ivana has taught French, Spanish, Italian, and Latin to children as young as toddlers to college students. She has embraced Comprehensible Input while teaching middle school in the last seven years. As a multilingual and an immigrant, she feels strongly about teaching similarities and differences of languages and cultures. Ivana has two teenage children who have embraced their multicultural background.

Darah Harper

Darah has 23 years of experience as a middle and high school language teacher in both public and independent schools. For the last 15 years she has been teaching French and Spanish at Thayer Academy, and she is currently the Director of Foreign Exchange and Global Programs at Thayer. She received her undergraduate degree from University of Vermont and her master’s degree from Middlebury College in Paris. In recent years she transitioned from traditional foreign language teaching to Comprehensive Input (CI) and has been impressed by the effectiveness of the method. Believing that language acquisition and cultural immersion go hand and hand, Darah is passionate about (and misses!) finding ways to travel with her students. Darah lives outside of Boston with her husband and three young sons and enjoys reading, cooking, and outdoor activities especially being in the mountains or at the beach.

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